CRM2011 – Opening Records Created From Dialogs

The daily problem was to open the entity that I created in Dialog. If a user needs to interact with the record right away, then it is very frustrating to have to search and open it after the dialog is completed.
 Automatically presenting the newly created record from a dialog would take custom code.  However, allowing the user to click on a link to open up the record is very easy to do!
  1. Create a dialog and the desired steps
  2. At the end of the dialog create a new page (this step must be after the create record steps, otherwise there will be no record to open)
  3. Create a prompt and response question
  4. In the Prompt text, click on “insert hyperlink”Unbenannt1
  5. In the URL field of the hyperlink, find the new record in the “Look for” dropdown and select the Record URL (Dynamic) field:
    Snap 2014-11-03 at 15.15.08
  6. Name the hyperlink, save and publish the dialogUsers can now run the dialog and open the newly created record at the end:
    Snap 2014-11-03 at 15.18.36


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