MSCRM – Document Core Pack (DCP)

Today I want to talk about a fantastic (according to me and according my clients) add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Document Core Pack (DCP). I used from first version but now I found time to write this post 🙂

DCP is an add-on to help users to create and […”manage documents associated with CRM-records in a confortable and structurated way”…]

DCP allowed to create and use different and complex documents as PDF. XPS, Doc, Docx, ODT-Files.

The main Features are: 

  1. Easy MS-Word based document generation based on CRM data
  2. Direct document generation out of MS CRM
  3. Various document processing options inside MS Word (creation of CRM activities, send PDF via Outlook,…)
  4. Automated table creation (list of quote-products, contacts from an account, activities)
  5. Embedding of pictures, HTML-content, other documents and QR-codes out of CRM or from external ressources
  6. Bulk-Merge functionality for multi-record document creation

After installation and configuration of DCP server on the CRM server and DCP client on the client,we have this new Tabs ( and inside the follwing icons: on our Word (For example):


With this icons, we can manage and synchronize our documents with crm.

On CRM we have the following icon:


inside the entities that we selected on the DCP server configuration. We can use template document to fill-in in automatic all information from CRM. For example when we need to create a custom document with all sales information.




Inserisci i tuoi dati qui sotto o clicca su un'icona per effettuare l'accesso:


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