CRM2016 – DCP Server Upgrade problems

Today, during the upgrade, I had an error to install the new version for DCP server. I tried to follow the workaround on this post but I did not resolve the problem.  My error was on other solution MSCRMADDONScomGeneral2015.101:



The problem was related about a “DROP FULLTEXT INDEX”

I tried to install manually the solution from App path\essentials folder but the result was the same:


The log error was

Entity                   ptm_mscrmaddons_key    Settingskeys Settingskeys                       Failure 0x80044150        DROP FULLTEXT INDEX statement cannot be used inside a user transaction.

After I tried to drop manually the index on the table. I tried again the DCP server setup and It’s running!!

DROP FULLTEXT INDEX ON ptm_mscrmaddons_settingsBase
DROP FULLTEXT INDEX ON [dbo].[ptm_mscrmaddons_keyBase]</p>

That’s all!


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